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Fresh video from the Best Trick Battle at the European Kendama Championship 2012

Thanks a lot for a super fresh EJC everybody!
Special thanks to Void, JKA and BKA.

Each player had one try at a time to a trick. So all tricks are done first try so to say.
I used all tricks landed, and a little more, in chronological order.

1st Place: Daniela Von Rohr & Thomas Holzer - Switzerland
2nd Place: Thorkild May - Denmark

Competitor list:
Alex Smith

Thorkild May
Mathias Steen

Marc W

Katsuaki Shimadera 
Toshihiko Ogawa 
Tajima Akira 
Tensui Sakai 
Tomoya Mukai 

Alex Ruisch 
Eelco Soesman

Nicolas Schopfer
Daniela Von Rohr
Thomas Holzer
Raphaël Cochet

United kingdom:
Sam Bradley 
Matt Nix

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