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Terra One Year Contest results

Thorkild won as am!

2nd: David Gault could as well have won it, super fresh flow from a new player we've never seen before

3rd: Sam merkel, ninja stap that reverse spacewalk!

Braindead 360 Lunar turn from the Winner of pro: Yannick Brunner

Terra says 

"A big thank you to everyone who entered our One Year Contest, we were super stoked to see how many people took the time to make an edit for us. There ended up being almost 50 entries, which is absolutely insane for a contest with a two week deadline. Better yet, the quality outweighed the quantity.

Here are the results!

Pro: First place goes to Yannick Brunner! You've got a Horse Pill coming you
r way!
Honourable mention to Mr. Jake Wiens, and Li Ho Cheung

Amateur: First place and the winner of the khaamphi rosewood Terra Kendama is Thorkild May!
Second place goes to David Gault! You're getting that beautiful african rosewood/zebrano Pill.
Third place goes to Sam Cannon. For you, we've got a cool custom tama done up by a local artist.
Honourable mention to Stanley Chock, Max Angel, James Mikes, Chad Covington and Jake Lowenstein.

The winner of the door prize is Max Angel! We're sending you KCN Battle. Anyone who got an honourable mention is going to get some stickers!

If you won anything please send us your shipping information!

Thanks to everyone who entered and watched for making this competition the craziest edit comp that we have ever witnessed. You guys are cool.

Terra ♥"

Once again, happy b day and what an epic contest!

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