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Yesterday we awarded the three best national edits at our Getdown and today we reveal the international winners and the three best group edits!

National winners:

1st Theo Bau – KROM XXL Green

2nd Neil Nielsen – KROM Deluxe Quad Split + Kendama bag

3rd Jonas Isgren – KROM XL Rasta
Internatonational winners:

1st Li Ho Cheung – KROM XXL Blue + KROM Deluxe Quad Split

2nd Bonz Atron – KROM Deluxe Half Split Walnut + KROM Noia + Kendama bag

3rd Yan Kudryavtsev – KROM Deluxe Half Split

Group winners:
1st Wenachee – XXL Red + 5-Cup white, red, blue

2nd Carson Valley – XL Rasta + Deluxe Half Split Walnut

3rd KendamaJA – KROM Green Red Blue + KROM Glow Green

Thank you all for your entries and keep it up!

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